Configuring MicroStation to work with ProjectWise

Generally speaking MicroStation rarely needs special configuration to work with ProjectWise. However, there are many options available to customize the experience. Listed below are some of the options available to help you make MicroStation and ProjectWise work better together.

HNTB uses Project Configuration Files (PCF) to control project specific settings. When opening a MicroStation file from ProjectWise it will specify the name of the PCF to use with the file. Your PCF file must be named the same as HNTB's PCF in order for this work. Other than the name, you can modify the PCF to conform to your file locations for fonts, dgnlibs, custom line style resources, etc....

HNTB uses some standardized settings in our site configuration file that makes working with ProjectWise easier. You can use the same settings in your site, or project config, as necessary.

Disable ProjectWise Integration

If your office does not use ProjectWise for it's normal work, you may wish to disable ProjectWise integration for your non-ProjectWise work. The easiest way to accomplish this is to set the variable PW_DISABLE_INTEGRATION = 1 when DGN files are opened from something other than ProjectWise Explorer. Add the following to your site configuration to accomplish this:

#--- The below lines were added to disable ProjectWise Integration
#--- when MicroStation V8 is launched from the desktop.
%if !defined (_PWEXPLORER)

Disable Check for Updated Reference Files

When MicroStation is integrated with ProjectWise it can be configured to periodically check the ProjectWise server for updated reference files. We currently have this feature disabled due to performance issues. To enable this periodic check, add the configuration information below to your Project Configuration or User Configuration file.

#--- This variable sets the frequency that PW checks for reference
#--- files (0 means never) in minutes.
#--- This variable sets the way we check for reference files
#--- (1 = bring up dialog, 2 = do it silently, 3 = don't update)

If you have questions not answered in these instructions, please contact the HNTB Service Desk by e-mail at or by phone at (877) 891-1245. Please reference the HNTB project that you are working on.









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