This is the software HNTB recommended's using to connect our ProjectWise system.

Native Application Thick Client

The thick client is the preferred method of accessing HNTB's ProjectWise system. It is required if working with CADD files.
Download: ProjectWise CONNECT
Version:, File size: 752 MB
Included integrations:
AutoCAD, Civil 3D 2015-2019, Revit 2015-2018, Office 2013/2016/365.
See the full list of integrations at ProjectWise Version Support Matrix
ProjectWise CONNECT Control Panel Registry File:
These registry files are included in the Explorer download above as well. Only download these if you need to update an existing ProjectWise install to work with HNTB., File size: 1 KB
The ZIP file contains reigstry files for both 32-bit and 64-bit OS.
Installing the registry file requires administrator privileges. Please contact your local support for assistance.

Web Client (thin client)

The thin client is best for reviewing non-CADD documents such as Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF files.
Web Client Install
Version:, File size: 68.9 MB
Installation Instructions.
The ProjectWise web server offers some support for non-Internet Explorer browsers such as Firefox, Chrome or Safari without installing any add-ons or extensions. Internet Explorer 6 is no longer supported.

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