Configuring InterPlot to work with ProjectWise

HNTB has standardized on ProjectWise InterPlot for our plotting solution. There are several configuration variables that can be set in the iplot configuration files to speed up iplot printing when working with ProjectWise files.

ip.cfg Modifications

Add the following to the ip.cfg file.

# Fix to speedup ProjectWise/Organizer integration

# When set to "false" the File->Save command will save the IPS file to
# disk but not update the ProjectWise file on the server. To update the
# file in ProjectWise, a separate File->Update Server Copy command has
# been provided. Also, when this variable is set to "false", Organizer
# will not automatically check in the IPS file when it exits. Instead
# you will be prompted to check in the file. Regardless of whether the
# IPS file is checked in or not, the files referenced by the IPS file
# will be freed.

iplot.cfg Modifications

Add the following to the iplot.cfg file.

#--- Ignore references outside of fence, speeds up plotting
#--- of multi-sheet dgns

#--- Ignore references that are not displayed, speeds up plotting
#--- when a large number of references are attached but not displayed

#--- Turn title block integration for IPlot

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